Brock Turner now registered in two counties as sex-offender

Brock Turner registering as sex offender in Greene County (Josh Ames / WDTN Photo)

XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Brock turner has landed a job in Montgomery County and now has addresses in two counties registered on the sex offender list, according to the Greene County Sheriff.

Sheriff Gene Fischer told 2 NEWS the Brock Turner has updated his addresses with the county and his work address is in Montgomery County. Fischer also said Brock Turner has met all the requirements and followed the law as it pertains to the sex-offender registration.

According to the Sheriff, Turner registered a work address, which is a landscaping business on Yankee Street in Centerville.

Turner, an Oakwood Hugh School graduate, was launched into the national spotlight after receiving a six-month jail sentence for sexual assault at Stanford University.

Turner was convicted on three felony counts after sexually assaulting unconscious woman in 2015.