Windsor Woods residents vent flooding frustrations at meeting

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Residents living in the Windsor Woods area of Virginia Beach voiced concerns Thursday night at a meeting for flood victims.

Windsor Woods area working to clean up after flooding

Dozens of people attended. The meeting was planned in advance of Hurricane Matthew to talk about better ways to manage flooding in the neighborhood.

One woman described calling 911 for help as she tried to escape rising water in her home.

“You know what they told me? ‘I can’t help you, because there is no way for me to come in and rescue you.’ Do you know what’s going through my head at the time? And we weren’t told to evacuate. My son could not walk.”

City Manager David Hansen listened as residents expressed worries and annoyances. He said the city is already funding projects for plans to improve drainage routes in the area.

Governor Terry McAuliffe toured the neighborhood earlier Thursday.

‘We’re on top of this storm’: McAuliffe addresses Hurricane Matthew damage

Officials say 2,000 structures were damaged in Virginia Beach alone. 600 of them were homes — an estimated $15 million in damage. Those estimates are expected to rise.