New Admirals owners hope to grow fan base

NORFOLK (WAVY) — The Admirals open the season on Friday night at Scope with new owners, a new coach and a new general manager.

Rod Aldoff is the head coach. The Mango Media Group, led by 27-year-old Ardon Wiener, is the new ownership and Sami Hamad is the interim general manager.

Hamad is from Virginia Beach, graduated from Christopher Newport and earned a Masters degree from Old Dominion. Hamad has spent the past several years working in the Admirals front office, and now he’s in charge of the team, and one of the immediate and long term goals is to grow the fan base, especially for the next generation of hockey fans in Hampton Roads.

“We need our fan base to continue to grow and that’s where we can grow the most,” Hamad said. “Especially the families, the younger generation, the college-age, the young 20’s, those are the specific areas that we need to grow and I think you will see changes and we will see a growth in those specific demographics over this year and into the future.”

The Admirals host Kalamazoo on Friday and Saturday at Scope.