Norfolk CA withdraws murder charge in October 2015 stabbing

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Almost a year has passed and the wait for justice continues for the family of Antawn Pugh. It stings, because they felt there were so close.

This June, Norfolk police arrested 34-year-old Craig Pulley and charged him with murder. Four months later, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office withdrew the charges.

The thought that Antawn Pugh’s alleged murderer is somewhere still free makes his fiancé Leita Fuller visibly upset.

“Oh my God,” she said. “It’s unbelievable. I’m frustrated. I’m scared.”

It’s been almost a year since someone stabbed Pugh to death outside his car on Farrell Street. Almost eight months she waited for news from a Norfolk police detective on Pugh’s case.

“He communicated with me very well,” she said. “He let me know at every moment what was going on. I just thank God for him.”

In June, police made an arrest. A man named Craig Pulley was charged with second-degree murder. Last week, during his preliminary hearing, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office withdrew the charges.

“It’s just horrible, it’s the worst thing that I’ve heard during this whole case,” she said.

Fuller said she found out from a friend the case wouldn’t go forward.

“It’s extremely helpless, I don’t know where to go or who to turn to,” she said.

10 On Your Side called the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office to find out why the case was withdrawn. A spokesperson said they would not discuss what evidence they didn’t have.

WAVY reporter Matt Gregory also asked why Fuller wasn’t notified. The spokesperson said they discussed the case with Pugh’s closest next of kin: his mother and sister. Fuller is still in shock — after she felt so close to a resolution.

“Antawn was an amazing father,” she said. “He was an amazing person. We love him and miss him so much and we want to see justice.”