Family of three escapes overnight house fire in Chesapeake

Ches Fire & Rescue

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A family of three escaped a house fire without any injuries early Wednesday morning, after one of them noticed smoke seeping from a guest room door.

This all happened on Tafton Way, which is in the Great Bridge section of Chesapeake.

Photos: Chesapeake home burned in fire

Firefighters got the call at 12:35 a.m., and were on the scene ten minutes later, according to Capt. Scott Saunders. At 1:08 a.m., they called for backup — due to the intensity of the fire — and had it under control about 15 minutes later.

Hot spots continued igniting more than an hour later as firefighters sprayed water from inside and from a ladder truck with its bucket positioned above the home.

21-year-old Emily Hockeborn was taking her contacts out when she heard smoke alarms, and says she smelled and saw smoke from the guest room of the house.

When she opened the door and saw curtains on fire, she went to get her parents.

Her father, said Harl Hockeborn, said, “I can’t think of one thing that would cause this to happen, not one.”

The family says they built the house in 2001, and now they will be looking to rebuild.

Photo courtesy of the Hockeborn
Photo courtesy of the Hockeborn

The family was in good spirits Wednesday morning, despite the destructive fire. Harl’s wife, Margaret Hockeborn, says she is grateful this didn’t happen after they were all asleep.

Saunders says the family was lucky and prepared when the fire broke out.

“The father and daughter were awake, but they were alerted to the fire because they had working smoke detectors,” Saunders says.

Investigators are working to determine what caused the fire. The Red Cross is helping the Hockeborn family.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for all of our first responders police and fire alike. I love living in Chesapeake” Harl said.