Burfoot appears in federal court to discuss corruption charges

WAVY/Walter Hildebrand

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Anthony Burfoot and his defense attorney appeared in federal court Wednesday afternoon to discuss charges in the corruption case against the Norfolk city treasurer.

Burfoot’s defense attorney Andrew Sacks requested a Bill of Particulars. That’s a page requiring the U.S. Attorney’s office to state the ‘official acts’ they believe Burfoot promised, or completed in exchange for goods or money.

The U.S. Attorney’s office objected the motion, saying that the official acts are clearly laid out in the indictment. But, the judge agreed with Sacks and granted the motion.

Sacks referenced the acquittal of Bob McDonnell over an overly broad definition of ‘official acts’ as his reason for filing the motion.

“The things in the indictment we believe are clearly explainable. They were not things done in exchange for anything improper not improper. Anthony’s actions were appropriate, professional, honest, part of being a good leader, if there’s something else out there it wouldn’t be true but what we would like to know what it is,” Sacks told WAVY.com

Burfoot was indicted in January on several federal wire charges, and is accused of getting more than $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes.

10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox has learned that a motion has been made for a change of venue.

Well-known Norfolk real estate developer Ronnie Boone pleaded guilty in September to bribing city officials.

Document: Boone Plea Agreement

Boone says he gave Burfoot thousands of dollars to vote for measures that benefited his businesses.

As a part of a plea agreement, Boone must fully cooperate with the federal government moving forward and provide all information requested about criminal activity.

Documents released in September allege that Burfoot received cash, dinners and free access to an Outer Banks beach house in exchange for promising to vote in Boone’s favor on several city ordinances.

Boone’s guilty plea does not look good for Burfoot

Burfoot’s trial is expected to begin in November.