Mailman charged after video shows him using pepper spray on dogs

HOUSTON, TX (WCMH) — The dogs suffered irritated eyes and discolored coats after the mailman sprayed them from the other side of the fence where they were barking.

“It was pretty bad what he did,” the dogs’ owner Jose Cruz told KTRK.

The video shows the U.S. Postal Service worker, John O’Veal, 21, using what appears to be pepper spray on the little dogs that are barking from the other side of the locked gate and mailbox.

Police say O’Veal now faces three misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. Court documents show that O’Veal said he saw the dogs’ teeth and sprayed them like he was trained to do.

Cruz told KTRK he didn’t want the mailman charged or fired, but thinks some time spent at a dog shelter would do O’Veal some good.