Virginia Task Force 2 returns to Va. Beach

VA-TF 2 (Photo: VirginiaBeachFD/Twitter)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Task Force 2 returned to Virginia Beach after a four-day deployment to help those on the Florida coast in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Va. Beach-based search & rescue team deploys to Fla. for hurricane relief

VA-TF 2, a Virginia Beach-based urban search and rescue team, left on Thursday. They traveled overnight and made it to Lake City, Florida Friday morning.

The 80-person task force waited for missions as the storm moved through the northern part of Florida. They were never needed, so VA-TF 2 was moved to Georgia on Saturday. They arrived at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Air Force Base in the late evening.

The team spent the night and performed reconnaissance on Tybee Island the next day, meeting up with Virginia Task Force 1 on their way. There, the crews checked for damage and looked for access points to the island before returning to the base.

Sunday afternoon, Georgia released the task force and the team waited for a mission in South Carolina.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) demobilized the task force Monday morning, so the team is now making their way back.