Storm forces some families out of mobile home park

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The remnants of Hurricane Matthew forced some families out of their homes, after massive trees fell in the Colony Mobile Home Park in Virginia Beach.

Mercedes Nogales said she and four family members were asleep in their home Saturday night during the storm.

“We were actually thinking about going to a shelter, but we said, ‘Okay, let’s just stay here.’ I was soundly asleep and I just woke up in an instant,” she said.

The same tree also crushed the neighbor’s home. No one was hurt.

“I can’t even describe it. It’s like a really loud noise and…it just shook everything, like an earthquake,” Nogales said.

As Nogales looked at the damage around the bed where her daughter and mother normally sleep, but didn’t Saturday night, she remembered all she had left.

“I’m so glad we’re alive. I’m so glad my daughter was not hurt,” she said.

Despite their loss, the family has had the help of First Hispanic Baptist Church of Virginia Beach. Since the sun came up after the storm, they’ve jumped on top of the clean up.

“I’m doing okay… I’m just thankful for all these people,” Nogales said.

She said she gave birth to a premature baby girl two months ago. The baby remains in the hospital and Nogales is grateful her daughter was not in harm’s way.

On another street, a massive fallen tree barricaded Shirley Butt in her home for nearly three days.

“The tree fell and when it did, it fell into the house next door and it crushed my car and it was a very loud popping sound, like an explosion when it hit the car,” Butt said.

The tree ended up parallel to her home.

“I’m so lucky. I’m very fortunate to be here,” Butt said.

The Nogales family has created a fundraising page to help with costs.