Residents in Swanson homes area of Portsmouth cleaning up after flooding

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Parts of Portsmouth saw severe flooding after Hurricane Matthew dumped water on the area.

The Swanson Homes area was impassible and boats rescued several people from their homes. 10 On Your Side spoke with several residents, who say they had more than two feet of water inside their homes. On Monday, residents were without power and many say they lost all the furniture on their first floor, including all of their food.

Christina Brown says she purchased $300 worth of food for her family just before the storm. She says she lost it all and she cannot stay at home.

“Power has been out since Friday at 11:45, I’m stressed out, I’m trying to pay my rent, I’m trying to get by without food,” said Brown.

Another resident, Sophia Benson said she came home from work and found water in her home. Her couch and television are ruined and she cannot stay at home, either.

“I was trying to get prepared for Christmas, I just started getting Christmas layaway and stuff and now I have to get furniture. Everything is bad, it’s all bad. Look at it. All of it.”

However, there is a silver lining to this story. Members of the community who don’t live here, but saw flooding themselves, came out Monday morning to grill hot dogs and hand out lunch. They say this is the time to help the community.

“When we got the call that there were people out here, I couldn’t do anything but run, and there is a need out here and I couldn’t just sit home,” said Katrina Freeman, “We can’t offer them lights or electricity or heat, but we can feed them.”

A statement from the city spokesperson reads in full:

The City of Portsmouth’s Emergency Management staff and City Departments are steadily working on our total recovery from the storm.

Specifically, today, the Department of Public Works is working to clear storm debris from the primary and secondary roads, etc.; and, teams of Inspectors from the Department of Permits and Inspections and the Fire Marshal’s Office are conducting rapid damage assessment surveys throughout the city.

Citizens are urged to continue to exercise extreme caution as they clear their properties and neighborhoods of storm debris.

Citizens are reminded to look for and steer clear of all downed wires!  To report downed wires or downed trees, please call the non-emergency dispatch number, 393-5300.  Also, do not attempt to drive or walk through flooded streets or walkways.

The City of Portsmouth urges residents to maintain situational awareness in their neighborhoods and throughout the city as we recover from the storm.”