New Admirals owners introduced, plan to keep team in Norfolk

NORFOLK (WAVY) — For the third time in three years, the Norfolk Admirals have new owners. Last month, the Mango Media Group based out of New York, led by Ardon Wiener, purchased the team from the Edmonton Oilers.

“We specialize in turning around mismanaged assets no matter what they may be,” Wiener said. “You have to be willing to invest time and money and recognize where the short falls are.”
After a long run in the American Hockey League, the Admirals played last season in the ECHL, and its attendance dropped to 3,700 fans a game. That’s something Wiener wants to fix.

“Friday night and Saturday night used to be Hockey night in Norfolk,” Wiener said. “We would love to bring that back, where it was the thing to do in Norfolk.”

This is the first sports team that Wiener and his business partner Michael Gargy have owned, and they are wide open to ideas, whether it be from past owners, or the fans.

“Part of what maybe you will see this coming year is hopefully some fan generated feedback,” Wiener said. “Maybe some of the ideas or suggestions will be implemented.”

At 27-years-old, Wiener, who says he he wants stability in the organization and has no plans to move the team, is living the dream.

“It’s an amazing feeling, I’m a big sports fan, a big hockey fan since I was little kid. Never once did I imagine myself standing here in these shoes in front of you guys owning a hockey team, it’s incredible.”