Cleaning up means cutting up in Norfolk, where scores of trees are down

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Roughly 100 trees will need to be picked up across the City of Norfolk after Hurricane Matthew.

A number of those trees are resting on top of homes. In one Bayview neighborhood, five trees came down on top of homes and caused significant damage.

Photos: Damage from Hurricane Matthew

On Monday, clean up crews cut up Matthew’s damage. In Bayview, tree cutting crews will spend a lot of time this week in Tony Lewis’ neighborhood.

“You just feel the rumble of it,” Lewis said of the tree that fell on his house. “My mother-in-law was awake and she said it sounded like a train.”

A few blocks over, three more large trees felled by the storm. Then another one onto Vianey Bueno Becknell’s roof.

“My daughter was in the living room watching TV and the wind picked up and we heard a big noise,” she said.

She can’t describe the sound, but she remembers the feeling when she found a tree wedged down the center of her home. Monday, she had a different feeling as a crane and tree cutting crew showed up in front of her home.

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“It’s a little relief, because it’s the beginning of the recuperation or you know fixing the house,” she said.

The crew moved up in precision. One worker strapped the tree in and cut it up in sections, while a crane operator picked it up. A man on the ground guided the limbs down. Over the course of two hours, they brought relief to Bueno Bucknell household.

“I’ve been living in Norfolk for the last 15 years I’ve never seen this,” she said. “Scary.”