Outer Banks residents have a long cleanup ahead

NAGS HEAD, N.C. (WAVY) — Hurricane Matthew caused major damage and flooding in the Outer Banks.

Sunday began with all entry to the Bonner Bridge and Highway 12 north of Southern Shores closed.

By mid-morning, the mighty Albemarle Sound was trying to cross Highway 64 to Manteo. Hurricane Matthew’s morning call delivered a heavy dose of gusting hurricane-force winds across the Outer Banks, driving rain and flood waters. Nowhere seemed to be spared.

At 1 p.m., word came from Dare County Emergency Management “when conditions permit, personnel will assess damage. Downed trees and power lines reported throughout county.”

Curfews in place for some parts of Dare County

There was a tattered American flag still flying after surviving a hellish night. There was a beautiful silver Corvette dead in the water with water inside the car. It seemed to symbolize all Matthew had to give — and he did not discriminate.

Nags Head resident Aaron Bowman was worried about Sound side flooding.

“Yea, I’m concerned about it. If the winds move around to the northwest, we are going to get it.”

In what can only be described as an amazing scene, a boat was rearing like a bucking bronco. The boat’s name, Stiletto was up and down and fighting against the roaring force of the Albemarle Sound. The boat was holding on by a strong line. The left side of the craft was also pierced by a piling that helped keep it from breaking loose.

Frank Biondi was found Sunday out in the mist, walking to help others. He was so dedicated, he ended up hitchhiking to get there.

“Well I got word at the local hospital. They just called for a C-Section,” Biondi said.

Matthew knocked out power to thousands on the Outer Banks. There were hardly any power poles left standing on 64 heading to Manteo.

Experts believe after all is said and done, Hurricane Mathew will be every bit as costly as Hurricane Floyd.