Man found dead in standing water in Hampton

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton police say a man found unresponsive in standing water overnight Sunday has died.

According to police, officers were called to the first block of Sherry Dell Drive and found an unresponsive man around 12:08 a.m. Sunday. Officials learned that a man had gone outside to check on storm damage. He was later found unresponsive in standing water.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say the man’s death appears to be storm-related, but of natural causes.

10 On Your Side spoke to the man’s common law wife, who tried to help him.

She said they were sitting on their porch when they heard the sound of a tree limb falling on a neighbor’s truck. They went to check it out and while walking back, the woman said she was holding hands with the man in knee deep water and he just went down. She yelled for help and another neighbor ran out to help.

The man’s wife did not want to speak on camera. She said her husband was 63-years-old.

“We got him sitting upright, so … his face was never in the water,” neighbor Brooks Wainwright said. “He did not drown, probably had another condition, a heart attack or stroke or someting that resultled in his passing, but it wasn’t a drowning.”

Neighbors say the man was always taking care of other people and that’s exactly what he was doing when he went over to check on the damage last night.

The man’s wife said she believes her husband died in her arms before they got him moved to the porch. A neighbor said that perhaps he cold have been resuscitated if an ambulance got their sooner. The road was flooded, and neighbors say it took 30 minutes for medics to arrive.

The incident is still under investigation and the cause of death has yet to be determined.

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