Cars abandoned throughout Virginia Beach streets

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Virginia Beach is working to recover after Hurricane Matthew caused major flooding over the weekend.

About 170 intersections throughout the city are without power. As soon as power is restored, crews will reset the timing of stop lights. All intersections without traffic lights, posted signs or officers on scene should be treated like four-way stops.

Many roads are still impassible in Virginia Beach. Click here for a full list of road closures.

Photos: Damage from Hurricane Matthew

Along South Rosemont Road in Virginia Beach, several cars remained stranded into Sunday night. The city says any vehicles that drove through flooded waters and have been left will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Norfolk has also said that cars left on roads will be towed. For information on your towed car, call 757-441-1062 spoke with one resident who live on South Rosemont who said despite road closure signs, people in larger vehicles kept driving up and down the road all day long. That caused wakes, which damaged his home.

“Last night it was all the way up into my house. There was five and a half inches on the floor,” said James Higginbotham. “The trucks coming up through here, everybody trying to be boat guys, the waves just go through. They ripped the bottom of my door apart.”

Higginbotham said the wake damaged his vehicles, as well.