Attorney General helps launch new hotline for domestic violence victims

Photo courtesy: Rob Rizzo

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Victims of domestic violence and human trafficking can now get help faster and easier in Hampton Roads. The four domestic violence shelters in Hampton Roads have joined forces to create a new Coordinated Crisis Response with one hotline to help everyone.

Attorney General Mark Herring helped cut the ribbon on the new Coordinated Crisis Response in Norfolk Friday morning. “Truly minutes matter when someone is trying to break free from a dangerous situation,” Herring told

New hotline removes barriers for domestic violence victims

Mike Lamonea with Homeland Security said that in the past they’ve run into roadblocks trying to find shelter for trafficking victims. “It took us almost four hours to locate a shelter for that woman and that individual time and that’s not an uncommon story,” said Lamonea.

That’s the reason four local shelters joined forces to streamline the process for those victims and domestic violence victims who may be calling from home and running into similar roadblocks.

Now HER , Genieve, Samaritan House and the YWCA of South Hampton Roads will work from one hotline and use a shared case management system.

The new number to call is (757) 251-0144.

Volunteers can take calls anytime, anywhere from their cell phones and direct victims to an open bed and or set up the support services that person needs.

“It’s really, really important that at the moment that victim or survivor makes that decision to try to break free, that they know where to call for help and know that there is truly a network of caring support services right here in the community,” Herring said.

In order to help as many people as possible the shelters want to get this new number out to everyone in Hampton Roads. They are reaching out to Hampton Roads Transit to try to get it plastered on buses and you may see billboards pop up soon too.