Hampton Roads citizens take steps to prepare for Hurricane Matthew

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – While Hurricane Matthew’s track remains uncertain, many across Hampton Roads are taking the necessary steps to prepare for a worst case scenario.

“You never know which way this storm is going to turn,” said Robert Parrish, of Virginia Beach. He spoke to 10 On Your Side while getting gas.

“I’m trying to go ahead and fill up the tank now because as the storm gets closer, you know it’s gonna get more and more busy, so I wanted to go ahead and take precautions now, get water, batteries and whatnot.”

Folks are advised to stock up on one gallon of water per person per day. Portable chargers, medications, toiletries and nonperishable food items are also necessary.

Gary Fleming, of Virginia Beach, visited the grocery store on Tuesday.

“Picking up food supplies and water, prepping for the hurricane,” he said. At home, he’s already checked to make sure his generator is working.

“We’ll be ok.”

There are several steps folks should take to protect their houses from damage in the storm. Make sure storm gutters are clear, and outdoor lawn items are packed away.

Ernest Ferguson took care of that earlier in the week.

“Just packed up all the lawn equipment, all of the chairs, furniture around there and just put them all inside the shed,” he said. “Got all my ladders tied down, and am just waiting on the storm. Buckled everything up.”

Folks should also take care of any tree limbs or branches that could pose danger.

For Tina Perez, that’s the main concern. She’s already had some removed.

“We were motivated to from the storm that came through last time,” she said.

For more tips, read 10 On Your Side’s Hurricane Guide.