Dare County braces for Hurricane Matthew

KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WAVY) — With Hurricane Matthew’s eye set on the East Coast, there is a lot to do ahead of the storm. Come hurricane or tropical storm, the always fragile Outer Banks is preparing.

Dare County officials declared a local state of emergency Tuesday afternoon as Matthew approached.

With a name like Hurricane Mo’s, the Kitty Hawk restaurant might have the most appropriate name for the week. Jayne Loesch has worked there for several years. She still has another hurricane on her mind: Sandy from 2012.

“We ended up eventually flooding, all the way up to the windows,” Loesch said. “We were closed for three and a half months.”

Now they have the threat of Hurricane Matthew.

“We just have to just wait and see what happens,” she said. “Keep our fingers crossed.”

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Hurricane Mo’s is just down the street from Route 12, the road with almost no barrier between it and the ocean.

“Any kind of surge will wash over,” Kitty Hawk mayor Gary Perry said. “We’ll have flooding between the highways and we’ll have to pump and do whatever damage control is there.”

Perry said the state has rebuilt the dunes that border the road. The town has made the usual hurricane preparations for the storm. However, he said there’s no way to stop the damage.

“Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what kind of damage we might get and how we have to respond to it with the equipment we’ve already set up.”

Wait and see. At Hurricane Mo’s there is a hope that this storm isn’t like Sandy.

Dare County Hurricane Preparedness