Officials: People in flood-prone areas of Jamaica refusing to leave

A dog crosses a street under heavy rain in downtown Kingston, Jamaica, Sunday Oct. 2 , 2016. An extremely dangerous Hurricane Matthew is moving slowly over the Caribbean. It's following a track that authorities are warning could trigger devastation in parts of Haiti.(AP Photo/Collin Reid)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A senior government official in Jamaica says people in flood-prone areas of the country are refusing to leave their homes as the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew bring heavy rain and some flooding to parts of the island.

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Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says one such area is Port Royal near the now-closed international airport in Kingston. McKenzie says the government ordered the area evacuated and sent two buses to help people move. But he says only two adults and two children boarded the bus. Others in the neighborhood wanted to stay and protect their homes.

The center of Hurricane Matthew was expected to pass to the east of Jamaica on Tuesday.

Already, many streets have flooded in low-lying areas. Police say there have been no casualties reported so far, but two men were arrested for looting in Kingston.

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