Historic Virginia schoolhouse vandalized with swastikas, racist messages

The Old Ashburn School educated African American children in the 19th century

Offensive images and messages have been spray painted on a historic schoolhouse in Ashburn, Virginia. (Note: this photo has been edited). Photo Courtesy of Evan Carr with NBC 4 Washington.

LEESBURG, Va. (NBC4) – NBC Washington reports a historic schoolhouse in Loudoun County, Virginia, has been vandalized with swastikas, vulgar images and “racist messages,” officials say.

Someone discovered the vandalisim on Saturday at the Old Ashburn Schoolhouse on Ashburn Road and officials believe the historic building was spray painted overnight.

“The vandalism to the Old Ashburn School is reprehensible and will not be tolerated here in Loudoun County,” Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman said. “We will investigate all aspects of this case and will be working with our school resource officers to develop any leads.”

The school is a one room building that is currently being restored. It was built in the nineteenth century to educate African-American children in the area.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis J. Randall wrote the following statement on her Facebook page:
“Loudoun, I’ve been made aware that the historic ‘Ashburn Colored School’ has been vandalized with racist symbols and words. Now is the time for our County to rise above retaliation or revenge. We will let our law enforcement do their jobs and complete the investigation and as a county we will send a message that this behavior is neither welcomed or tolerated in Loudoun. This is not Loudoun.”

Officials are asking that anyone with information about the vandalism call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at (703) 777-1021. Anonymous callers can call (703) 777-1919. A reward of up to $1,000 is offered to callers who provide information leading to an arrest and indictment.