Polk family seeks mysterious Good Samaritan who rescued loved one from sinking car

Crash victim William Land was rescued by a mysterious Good Samaritan. Family photos

AUBURNDALE, Fla. (WFLA) – An Auburndale family is turning to social media with the hope it will help them find the mystery Good Samaritan who risked his life to rescue their loved one who was trapped in a car that was rapidly sinking in a pond.

William Land, 47, suffers from seizures. He was on his way home from visiting his sister around 5 p.m. on Wednesday when he had a seizure. Land was driving eastbound on Interstate-4 and lost control of his car near exit 33. The car sped through a fence with such force that a pole on the fence impaled his car; crashing through the windshield and through the passenger seat before becoming lodged in the back seat (see photos).

Land was strapped in the front seat as the car was sinking in the pond. The car was almost totally under water when mystery man rescued Land.

“Some guy went after him and pulled him out of the car,” said Land’s stepdaughter Elizabeth Whitehead. “Someone put their life in danger to save him.”

Land lives with Whitehead. She was in New Jersey when it happened. “It was quite scary for me. My first instinct was to get up and go,” she said.

The Good Samaritan stayed with Land until medics arrived and took him to the hospital.

Amazingly, Land was not injured during the ordeal. Whitehead’s fiancée picked him up from the hospital and brought him home.

Whitehead says the name of the mysterious Good Samaritan was not included in the Florida Highway Patrol crash report. Land, Whitehead and other family members want to meet him to thank him in person, especially Land.

“He was glad that someone helped him out. He’s thankful he’s alive,” said Whitehead.

Now, the family is turning to social media with the hope of finding the mysterious Good Samaritan who jumped into the pond to save William Land.

His niece, Samantha Durrence, contacted WFLA News Channel 8 asking for help. “Unfortunately, there was no name in the police report, but we would like to give a huge ‘Thank you’ that they so much deserve to the person who pulled him out,” she said. “He definitely had an angel with him that night.”.

If you think you know who the Good Samaritan is email Elizabeth Whitehead at elizabethw0315@yahoo.com.