Controversy at NC State as racist, sexist messages circulate on social media

Image Credit: WNCN CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Late Wednesday afternoon two N.C. State students apologized for racist messages that were on social media since Tuesday night.

The apology letter was sent to the N.C. State campus community.

“We’re sorry for our words, and we’re sorry for how they hurt many people, some of whom are very close to us. The pain we’ve caused will take a long time to heal; it is just our hope that it will be able to at some point,” the students, whose names were listed only as Conner and Brennen, wrote.

The letter came hours after the N.C. State chancellor posted a video online condemning racist messages making the rounds on social media all day.

Chancellor Randy Woodson says those message do not represent the values of the school.

The controversy all started Tuesday night when the posts started circulating on social media.

Wednesday a lot of students on campus are frustrated and angry about what they saw.

A few students saw screen grabs of the comments posted on the Wolfpack Student’s Facebook page.

The comments included derogatory things about women, African-Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Woodson released a video Wednesday afternoon in response.

A university spokesman says he did that in part because of how egregious and bigoted the comments were and also the impact recent events in Charlotte have had on students here.

The chancellor said the comments don’t reflect N.C. State’s values.

Some students, including the Student Body President, are calling on administrators to take additional steps and sending them a list of demands.

“We can’t restrict what they say, but what the institution can do is put in a systematic mechanism of at least educating our students on basic and fundamental cultural competency,” said Paul Nolan, the N.C. State Student Body President.

“I remember when Obama was re-elected, in the Freedom of Expression tunnel there were people talking about putting racist comments on there,” said student Simba Washaya.

Chancellor Woodson says the comments were made by a handful of N.C. State students.  He says they won’t face punishment.

That decision has frustrated some students.