On-time graduation rates in Virginia rise in 2016

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday that over nine out of 10 students who entered ninth grade in 2012 earned a diploma within four years. 2

In addition, more than half graduated from high school with Virginia’s most rigorous diploma, according to a report from the Virginia Department of Education.

Of the 95,130 students in the class of 2016, 91.3 percent earned a Board of Education-approved diploma, compared with 90.5 percent of the 2015 cohort.

“The success demonstrated by our students is a testament to the resolve of teachers, administrators, parents, and community leaders across the Commonwealth to ensure that every individual gets the best possible education,” said Governor McAuliffe.

The dropout rate for the class of 2016 was 5.3 percent, compared with 5.2 percent for the previous class. The dropout rates of 200 high schools were equal to or lower than the statewide rate of 5.3 percent.1

Of Virginia’s 323 high schools with reportable graduation rates, 187 achieved graduation rates equal to or higher than the state rate of 91.3 percent.

Since 2011, high schools in the Commonwealth have been required to meet an annual benchmark for graduation and completion to earn full accreditation.

Newport News School officials say 92 percent of students are graduating on time. That same statistic was just 73 percent in 2008. The system’s dropout rate was also lower than the five percent average across the Commonwealth.

Graduation rates have also improved in Virginia Beach and Hampton.

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