Bride nearly misses wedding after gravel truck topples onto I-40

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A West Nashville newlywed says she almost didn’t make it to her wedding after a dump truck seemingly fell from the sky and landed in front of her on the interstate.

The bride, Sara Barker, was in her best friend Jamie Brown’s SUV Friday on the way to her wedding ceremony.

The girls had just gotten onto Interstate 40 East when a parked gravel truck started rolling down a hill above the interstate.

The 80,000 pound truck crashed onto the interstate right in front of their SUV.

“I saw craziness breaking loose in front of us,” said Brown. “I thought a building was flying at us.”

A tractor-trailer that was two lanes over from them took the brunt of the impact – a move, the girls believe, saved their lives.

“Had my friend been texting, had we been looking anywhere but the road, and had the driver of the semi not been so attentive, things could’ve gone very differently,” said Barker.

Metro police investigated the crash. According to a report, the driver of the truck said he was making a gravel delivery to a group of homes that are being built on 37th Avenue near Charlotte Avenue.

He said he “blocked his tires so his vehicle would not move” but then he “heard a noise.”

The truck started rolling down the hill and crashed onto the interstate.

Federal safety reports show the owner of the truck, Sammons Waterproofing, has at least two safety violations though they were not classified as “serious.”

The company owner, Gary Sammons, told News 2 over the phone that the employee who was responsible for the truck has been let go.

He also said he is stopping all gravel operations.

As for Barker, she made it to her wedding on time.

“I’m so grateful,” she said. “It really puts things in perspective.”

Metro police say that no charges will be filed because nothing criminal took place.