Water recedes, roads re-open in Windsor as flood recovery continues

WINDSOR, NC (WITN) – The recovery process continued Saturday after floodwaters began to rapidly recede in Bertie County following the crest of the Cashier River Thursday night.

Many business owners in downtown Windsor were able to get back to their businesses Friday to see the damage, but for some along a heavily flooded section of King Street, the buildings weren’t accessible until Saturday.

A deacon at Edgewood Baptist Church, Mike Hoggard, says it has been a devastating disaster.

“It was heartbreak. It brought me to tears, to see so much time…We just celebrated our 65th year here at this location and it was just heartbreaking,” he said.

This is the third time the church has flooded, like many areas of downtown, in the last seventeen years.

“Normally, we have to go in and tear the floors out, tear the walls out up about four foot and have a company come in and put dryers in and dry the sub-flooring and the floor joist and everything out and then we can start out re-building process,” he said.

He also said the process can take between six and eight months and cost upwards of $200,000 even with flood insurance.

he Bertie County manager, Scott Sauer, says many places in the area are experiencing similar damages.

“We are in recovery mode, at this point, in addition to assessing damages, and assisting the town of Windsor with it’s efforts to get the downtown back open and serve their residents,” he said.

Looking to the future, Mayor Jim Hoggard says many once-flooded roads have re-opened, or will soon.

“It’s going down fairly rapidly now, not quickly enough to suit us but it is receding. “I think you were saying the bridge is no longer covered?” The bridge is not covered now, and hopefully we can open that up today and that’ll make the traffic flow much more smoothly,” he said.

Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries as a result of the floods, though more than one hundred people had to be evacuated over the last several days.

On Sunday night, the Bertie County Board of Commissioners are holding an emergency meeting to discuss recovery efforts and other flood related issues, that meeting starts at 6:30pm in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room.

The county manager says Damage Assessment Teams are coming from Raleigh on Monday, and the county hopes to offer more extensive recovery assistance to flood victims at that time.

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