Bertie County families assess damage after flooding

WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) – On Thursday you couldn’t tell where the road stopped and started some Bertie County neighborhoods.

Saturday, roads were clearing and the cleaning commenced.

Some families who evacuated said they came home to five or six inches of water marks on their walls.

Others said there was what looked like over a foot.

Many were ripping up flooring and carpet, while others have to get rid of appliances.

Community members and The Red Cross lent a helping hand to those who need it most.

James Tilley said he loves to help because he knows what it feels like, and it’s the right thing to do. “It’s devastating to them. It’s just like a fire, you know you’ve never had one in your life and all of a sudden everything you’ve worked for your whole life is basically destroyed.”

Residents who have lived in Windsor their whole life say this isn’t their first flood, and are afraid it won’t be their last.

Yvonne Williams and her husband lived in this house for nearly 50 years. She said together they faced two other floods. “When Floyd came in ’99 I had 50 inches of water.”

“When tropical depression Nicole came in 2010 I had 17 inches of water,” she added.

She’s lost so much due to floods in the past, including her favorite piano during Floyd.

“The other one that I had was like you had poured glue on the mechanism, and it would not make a sound,” Yvonne explained.

Saturday when she returned to her home she only had about five or six inches of water in the house.

But without her husband here she said she still felt pain. “It hurts, you know. You think this is what we worked for and we were gonna live out the rest of our lives here, you know.”

She said it’s her faith and family that has kept her going through this third flood. But it’s hard not to question — “why again? Again?”

It didn’t take long for family like Chuck Williams, and friends to lend a helping hand.

“Right now we’re gonna try to dry it out and get back in, for my mom,” said Chuck.

Yvonne said this [time] is much more precious than any material thing.

“Things can be replaced,” she explained. “But these family members and what you experienced as a result of times like this you know you can’t replace that.”

But not everything was destroyed; her latest piano is still standing.

“I’m just so thankful that, that one is still playing,” said Yvonne.


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