Shot fired at Norfolk resident trying to follow suspects

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Norfolk police are looking for the person who shot into a moving car last Friday night, barely missing the driver.

“Not much shakes me up, but I was definitely shook up,” Dave Beckner said.

Beckner still can’t believe what happened last week on his quiet West Ghent street in Norfolk.

“I feel very lucky,” Beckner added. “Somebody was on my side, that’s for sure.”

Beckner’s car tells the tale of a night he won’t ever forget. His driver’s side window is in pieces; the windshieldwas left smashed.

“The bullet went through the window and right past my head,” Beckner said. “It hit the windshield and then it hit my dashboard.”

Last Friday night, Beckner was leaving his home on Westover Avenue when he noticed some teenagers down the street. He thought they were up to no good.

“We’ve had tons of car break-ins,” Beckner added. “We have had quite a few stolen cars. It was 11:30 on a Friday night and I didn’t recognize any of them as people from the neighborhood.”

According to crime statistics in just the last 90 days, there have been 19 car larcenies and three stolen cars in Beckner’s neighborhood. He decided to drive down and he saw them pulling on car doors.

“I think what they do is grab, looking for easy stuff,” Beckner said. “We’ve had it going on for years, but never would I have thought there would be a gun involved.”

Beckner followed the teens and he got on the phone with 911.

“It was very bright and very loud,” Beckner said. “I could not hear anything out of my left side. At the time, I didn’t know if I had been shot or not.”

The bullet just missed his face.

“He was shooting, thinking he was going to kill me,” Beckner said. “He didn’t shoot at the tires. He shot at me.”

The teens took off running and still haven’t been caught. Bencker’s car is now being repaired. He wishes the same could be said for his security.

“It’s definitely a life changer,” Beckner said.

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