Kempsville residents stranded by high waters

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Flood waters from this week’s storms are impacting nearly 1200 homes in a Kempsville neighborhood, causing some to miss work.

“When people say they can’t get out of their neighborhood, they’re not kidding. This is serious,” said Donna Streicher.

Streicher has lived in Kempsville Lakes off Baxter Road for more than a year. She said she’s been stuck at home for two days.

“I didn’t plan for it. It wasn’t like a hurricane coming, where I’d put extra thought into it. When I woke up yesterday and couldn’t go to work, I put thought into it,” she said.

Out of 26 roads in the subdivision, 20 were flooded, according to John Rooney, who is Kempsville Lakes’ facility manager.

Rooney said they’re getting all the excessive runoff water from nearby neighborhoods.

“The water is peaked out and the only way it will disappear is to recede on its own,” he said.

Rooney said he gave residents, who were walking to Baxter Road in attempts to get to work, rides because of the conditions.

“You can see it’s very unsanitary. All the storm drains are overflow. The lakes are overflow. It makes a big mess,” he said.

A mess, including a number of stalled cars scattered throughout the neighborhood.

“Since yesterday, I can tell you I’ve seen 15 tow trucks in here and I’ve seen 20 vehicles towed out of here. It’s constant, a tow truck in here every 30 minutes. It’s bad,” Rooney said.

Rooney said he’s urging walkers and drivers to remain safe by looking out for each other.

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