Rain causes Norfolk streets and neighborhoods to flood

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Some of the big connector streets of Norfolk flooded over as rain fell Wednesday.

Parts of Virginia Beach Boulevard, Tidewater Drive, and 4th View slowed for traffic as the water rose. Still, some of the worst flooding went right through some Norfolk neighbors’ backyards.

On Tidewater Drive, the worst of the rainfall made the morning commute difficult. By noon, the water began to recede all over the city, except in the Calvert Square Apartments.

Photos: Julia’s rainy remnants flood Norfolk

“That’s my beach right there, and the two lakes on the side of me and my pool in the back,” Rosa Bonds said from her porch.

On her street, the water rises with each heavy rain. On Wednesday, two cars stalled outside Bonds’ home.

“I saw both of them, brother and sister, sitting on top of the car,” she said.

Those two siblings were George and Gina Pender. Gina said she thought the high water was a normal puddle.

“I didn’t know it was that deep,” Gina Pender said. “So, I’m driving and the water starts to rush in my car.”

Pender said she went forward and the engine stalled, then stopped. She and her brother couldn’t open the doors.

“You see my windows open,” she said. “I had to climb out of my window and get on the top of my car. Fire and rescue had to come get me.”

The two left the car next to another stranded Nissan. Pender said a tow truck should come to get it when the water fully recedes. However, she’s more worried about permanent damage.

10 On Your Side talked with a spokesperson for the City of Norfolk about the Calvert Square flood situation.

According to Norfolk’s Communications Director Lori Crouch, the area of Calvert Square used to be a creek. It is still considered part of the Newton Creek Watershed.

Crouch said when it rains, the water has to drain all the way to Harbor Park. Wednesday, the tide rose and wind pushed water inland and made it difficult for the Calvert Square area to drain as quickly as other areas.

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