Police file more charges against Del. Rick Morris for assault, injury to child

Rick Morris (Photo: Suffolk police)

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Delegate Rick Morris (R – 64th District) is facing several charges in connection to alleged domestic incidents.

On Tuesday, police charged Morris, 47, with two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery to a family member and one felony count of cruelty and injury to a child. He was released from Western Tidewater Regional Jail shortly before 1:00 a.m. Wednesday on $1,500 bond.

Suffolk police say on Tuesday, officers talked to the victim, a male juvenile related to Morris, about a Child Protective Services complaint. Police say the victim was assaulted by Morris on September 16 and had injuries consistent with “excessive physical discipline.”

Police also talked to a woman Tuesday in reference to a CPS complaint about child and family abuse. According to police, it was found that the woman, also a family member, was assaulted by Morris on December 23, 2015, when an argument escalated and became physical. The victim suffered injuries as a result and sought medical treatment.

After further investigation, police said on Thursday that additional charges have been filed against Morris, including three felony counts of cruelty and injuries to children, three felony counts of child endangerment, three misdemeanor counts of domestic assault involving a minor and two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault involving an adult, female family member.

The charges stem from alleged incidents that involved the same victims.

Police say the alleged incidents happened on various dates in 2016 at the family home, located in the 300 block of Babbtown Road.

10 On Your Side looked through the paper work. It gives details on what the victims claim happened.

Morris’ sixth grade stepson claims, starting in January, Morris punished him in a violent fashion.

The boy told police that in the beginning of the year he upset his mother. As punishment, he claims, Morris punched him in the stomach.

The papers detail two other incidents in which Morris punished the boy using what police deemed “excessive force.”

At the same time, the boy’s mother, Morris’ wife, claims over that same period, the delegate assaulted her.

Each time, she told police, the argument started verbal and turned physical. The paperwork details the final incident happened last week. That’s when the boy and his mother said the boy lied to Morris.

As punishment, the boy details how Morris struck him with a belt and a wooden spoon on his hands and arms. He claims it left bruises and welts. As a result, the boy told police he ran away from home.

Morris was again arrested and taken to Western Tidewater Regional Jail, where he was given a $1,500 bond and has since been released.

Police are still investigating.

Morris serves parts of Isle of Wight County, Surry County, Southampton County, Sussex County, Suffolk and the City of Franklin.

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