New website offers parents car seat safety tips

Image Credit: WTHR 13
Image Credit: WTHR 13

(NBC/WTHR) — A week that was supposed to celebrate the progress made in keeping kids safe in cars is starting off with some disappointing news.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of children dying in car crashes.

“Data from 2015 recently released indicated that there was a 10 percent increase in fatalities for children under the age of 13,” said Kate Carr with

But neither NHTSA nor child safety experts can explain why.

“Is it distraction?” Carr asked. “Is it more vehicles on the road? It could be a host of different factors. We don’t have the data to say why.”

She said it’s especially disappointing to hear after all the progress that’s been made in child safety restraints, including making it easier for parents to properly install safety seats.

But it also makes this week’s launch of the website that much more important.

“It’ll help you with tips for buying, installing, how to insure you have the right fit,” Carr said.

Click here to visit the Ultimate Car Seat Guide website

With about four million babies born in the U.S. each year, it’s safe to say that child passenger safety is an issue that’ll always be with us.

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