Businesses with “Creepy Clown” images unaffected by clown sightings

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Here in Savannah several businesses rely on the image of clowns, even scary ones.

So we decided to see if the latest internet scare is affecting how they operate.

If you’ve been to a food truck festival over the last year around the coastal empire, you’ve noticed the Psycho Circus food truck that looks like a circus tent.

“I thought it was not going to work but it went over too well. People were like ‘oh man we need to book the truck’ people called us to book for events just because it looks like a circus tent and then we have the clowns,” says truck co-owner Michael Alcott.

The clowns are actually part of a charitable group known as Dead City Clowns. It’s a unique concept that has worked for Psycho Circus food truck owners Alcott and Todd Holland, even now through the latest scare of creepy clown sightings around the country.

“It’s just ridiculous that some people could give us a bad name but it really hadn’t affected us,” Holland says.

Business has not slowed for the food truck since it’s first opening last March. The owners know the truck’s theme is an acquired taste kind of like the food they serve.

“It hasn’t affected Psycho Circus food truck at all and nor Dead City Clowns, but I’m sure people still don’t like them,” says Alcott.

For Psycho Circus, they remain centered around their food and being able to bring neighbors together.

“All I can say is get out and try and meet some people who do it, who were scared, kind of like my son and maybe get an idea of how they came over their phobia, because it is a phobia,” says Alcott.

On the public safety side of this, the owners say scary clowns in public or in forested areas is nothing to joke about. They add that they would call police as much as the next person.

Alcott hopes though that for people who do have a fear in general of clowns that the food truck can, in the future, in some way help people over come that fear, as it has for his son.

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