Only On 10: Victim in serious moped crash speaks out


PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A man who survived a serious moped crash is on the road to recovery, sharing his story nearly one month later.

“It’s been hard, it’s been really hard,” Joseph Hoover told 10 On Your Side.

On Aug. 18, Joseph was traveling on his moped, heading home from work for a quick lunch break with his wife, Brandi. But the next time she saw him, he was in surgery.

“I had to wait for him to come out of surgery for them to tell me if he’s alive or not,” Brandi said.

Joseph had crashed his moped at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Freedom Avenue. He recalls being struck by a black, hatchback vehicle, but according to police, the incident was a single-vehicle crash.

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“The scooter hit the curb and I was kind of thrown off,” he said. “The scooter flipped on top of me and burned me.”

Witnesses rushed to help him. Pastor Ray Hall had been stopped at a red light, when he saw Joseph fly through the air and crash.

“I started trying to feel if he was breathing and every now and then he would say, ‘oomph,'” said Pastor Ray Hall. “And he quit breathing on us a couple of times, but we just kept talking to him and hoping and praying everything was going to be alright.”

But Pastor Ray feared Joseph perhaps wouldn’t make it.

“He was in bad shape, the young man, his head was busted and there was so much blood… I knew he was somebody’s husband, somebody’s son, and that’s all that mattered and I was just trying to be with him… if he died, I didn’t want him to die without knowing someone was there.”

As it turned out, Joseph wasn’t just anyone’s husband, but someone with whom Pastor Ray had ties. As a young girl, Brandi had attended the preacher’s church.

The two men united after Joseph was released from the hospital.

“It’s fantastic having him home,” Brandi said. “I love having him home now.”

Pastor Hall calls it an act of God.

“I’m not playing God, but he’s a miracle, I promise you he’s a miracle.”

Joseph had his spleen removed, three ruptured discs removed and facial plastic surgery. He said it could be a year before he fully recovers. He spent weeks in the hospital.

“It’s been devastating, I don’t know where money’s gonna come from,” he said. “I was the main source of income.”

To help the family, visit their online fundraiser.

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