Officials: Smoke on flight from ORF originated from battery

Norfolk International Airport.
Norfolk International Airport.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Smoke on board a flight from Norfolk International Airport Friday morning came from a battery, officials with Delta Air Lines confirm.

Spokesman Morgan Durrant tells flight attendants saw smoke from the back of the plane during take-off.

Durrant said in an email that the attendants acted quickly and dissipated the smoke. It was determined that the smoke originated from a spare phone battery that was not connected to a device.

Delta says it is working to determine the source and type of battery.

The flight was heading from Norfolk and Atlanta, and had 143 passengers and five crew members on board. Delta says the flight continued on to Atlanta.

A spokesperson for Federal Aviation Administration says it is aware of the incident and is investigating.

The battery smoking comes after the FAA urged passengers to turn off and not charge Samsung phones.

Samsung issued a recall after a number of Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries reheated.

Delta passengers at Norfolk International say they were told by attendants to turn off their Samsung devices before boarding.

“They’re allowing you on the plane with them, but they don’t want you to charge them, want them off, can’t put them in checked baggage. So, I think there’s a big issue with them,” said passenger Victor Rizzi.

Rizzi flew into Norfolk from Florida. He says it did not bother him to turn off his Samsung during the flight but other passengers were bothered.

“We’ve had houses burning, cars burning. Obviously, there’s some issue,” Rizzi said about the lithium batteries common in cell phones.

Passenger Marvin Staton says he felt safer knowing phones were turn off.

“I’m glad. If anyone did have them, they were powered off because I wouldn’t want anything to happen mid-flight,” he said.

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