Kareem Turner sentenced to 42 years in 2014 Norfolk murder

Kareem Turner (Photo: Norfolk police)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Kareem Turner, one of three men convicted in the murder of Dajuan Glover, has been sentenced to 42 years in prison.

A jury found Turner guilty in June of first-degree murder in the shooting off Jason Avenue in 2014. Judge Joseph Migliozzi ruled to suspend the start of the sentence by 30 days because a defense attorney said he planned to file a motion to set aside the jury verdict. Turner’s cousin Roy Turner and Joshua Wood were also convicted of murder in the case.

Earlier in the hearing, a gang specialist with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office testified that Turner was a gang member and had to be transferred to Hampton Roads Regional Jail because he had an inappropriate relationship with two employees with the sheriff’s office.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on this testimony Thursday afternoon:

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has a very strict policy against staff members developing any kind of personal relationship with inmates, as it creates security concerns. On January 25, 2016, it was learned that such a relationship had developed between two NSO staff members and inmate Kareem Turner. The NSO Professional Standards unit worked quickly to investigate the situation, and the two deputies involved were terminated on February 3, 2016 and are not eligible for re-hire. Inmate Turner was transferred to Hampton Roads Regional Jail following the investigation. Due to this matter being a personnel issue, the NSO will not release the names of the deputies involved.”

Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe is currently serving as interim superintendent of HRRJ. It was reported last week that current Superintendent Col. David L. Simons plans to retire Oct. 1.

Yvonne Glover Cunningham, the victim’s mother, battled health issues to make the trip from New Jersey so she could watch the judge sentence Turner.

“I hope while Kareem is in jail he gets the vision of my son’s face and it haunts him for the rest of his life and I’d rather see Kareem stay in jail until his heart stops beating,” Cunningham said.

Turner has said that he and Glover were friends, that he would drive sometimes when the victim was drunk, and he maintained he never shot Glover. Prosecutors said Glover had been shot 19 times and that as many as 40 cartridge casings were left at the scene.

“He’s very dangerous, he’s very vicious. He’s such a liar. He said he was my son’s friend. He just told that lie,” Cunningham said.

Judge Migliozzi said the evidence in the case had been difficult to watch and that Turner, who was convicted 13 times for driving without a license, showed complete disregard for the law.

Turner had previously been charged in the death of Norfolk Police Officer Victor Decker, but prosecutors dropped the charge because of a lack of evidence.

Defense attorney Trevor Robinson released the following statement after the judge sentenced Turner in the Glover case:

I have the greatest respect for the Justice system in that we are able to empanel 12 citizens from our community to determine innocence or guilt. With regard to the Jury’s decision, we certainly disagree with their finding and subsequent sentence; which is why we shall file a motion to set aside the Jury’s verdict as contrary to both the law and the evidence presented at trial. I intend to refer to specific passages in the trial transcript in support of our motion; including, but not limited to the insufficiency, inconsistencies and untruths contained therein. In the event that we are unsuccessful in that venture, we shall immediately prosecute the appeal to the fullest extent.”

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