$16 million in upgrades bring new life to Newport News shopping center

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A $16 million development is almost complete in the Denbigh section of Newport News. The development includes new entertainment options and the potential for new jobs.

When the developer bought the building in February, it was only 50 percent full. Now, it’s 90 percent full and the tenants are getting excited to open their doors.

The owners of mobile laser tag company TagTime have been looking for a permanent home. So when developer Mark Gold approached them to move into the newly re-branded DW Center, they said it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.

“We felt that with his excitement and the other things that were going in here that we would fit well with the shopping center and the community,” said Brad Drummond, who co-owns TagTime with his wife.

TagTime, along with an indoor go-kart facility and an escape room, are some of the new attractions coming to the former Denbigh Village Shopping Center.

“The go-kart place is really particularly exciting because it gives us a venue for doing things that we don’t have today,” said Jim Bourey, Newport News City Manager.

Back in February, Developer Mark Gold and the Mishorim Development Group bought the property for $11 million and are putting $16 million into renovating the space. The building is 342,000 square feet and sits on Denbigh and Warwick Boulevards in Newport News.

“He looks for areas that used to be really special, but seem to have lost their touch,” said Michael Angelicola, who is the facilities manager and works with Gold. He said, “you’ll see decorations, you’ll see lights. We’re going to install LED rope lights around this entire shopping center to make this place bright and beautiful. New landscaping, new seal coating and paving, new striping. This place is going to be fantastic.”

It’s a development that benefits both the city and the business owners.

“It really is terrific because we have older shopping centers. You have to reuse those buildings or redevelop them entirely,” said Bourey.

“Perfect transition from a family-owned small business to a fixed location,” said Drummond.

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