Only On 10: Victim in horrific Currituck County crash speaks out


MOYOCK, N.C. (WAVY) – One of the eleven people hurt during Tuesday night’s horrific three-vehicle crash on N.C. 168 is sharing his account, only with 10 On Your Side.

“It was something out of a horror movie,” Terrance Dozier said. “It was so many people, so many people screaming, yelling ‘call the ambulance.'”

Around 8:30 p.m., Dozier was traveling north to Hampton Roads from Moyock, where his family had just lost their grandmother. His sister was behind the wheel of the 2012 Chevy car. His brother-in-law and two nieces were also passengers.

Suddenly, a woman traveling south, alone in a 2015 Chevy car, went to make a left turn. Investigators report that Lauren Shudark failed to yield, and struck Dozier’s family.

“We were spinning, we got spun into the next lane of oncoming traffic,” Dozier said.

The 2012 Chevy then slammed into a Chevy pickup truck, also carrying a family of five.

“I opened my eyes. The truck was in a ditch, into a pole.”

One of Dozier’s nieces was thrown from the backseat to the front windshield, even though she had been wearing a seat belt. She, Dozier’s sister, and his brother-in-law were unconscious and trapped inside the vehicle.

Dozier kicked down a door from inside the mangled vehicle, exiting with his other niece.

“I collapsed, I couldn’t move, I didn’t know if the car was going to blow up, if I could get them out, they were unconscious, I called out for them.”

GoFundMe for family involved in three-vehicle Moyock crash

Dozier told 10 On Your Side that some cars drove right by, crumbling wreckage in the road. But other people nearby ran to help the 11 victims.

“Just good Samaritans, strangers I didn’t know, never saw a day in my life. They took the time to help my family.”

Dozier recalls one of them being a registered nurse.

“I asked the lady, ‘was I gonna die?’ I just, if I was gonna die, I just wanted to talk to my kids one more time, that was it.”

The woman called several family members, but fortunately, it wasn’t the last time Dozier would hear from them. On Wednesday, he checked out of the hospital, his wife by his side.

Dozier suffered a concussion, several facial fractures, lacerations and a sprained arm. The rest of his family members are on the mend.

He feels grateful to be alive and doesn’t feel any ill will towards Shudark, who was also released from the hospital on Wednesday.

“A lot of people are unfortunate enough to not walk away from these situations and honestly, the time I could spend harboring hatred for somebody that made an accident – I could be showing love to my family, and the world.”

At last check, one person involved in the wreck remained in critical condition.

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