Granby volleyball player’s dance moves go viral

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Following her team’s win over I.C. Norcom last week, Granby High School student Hannah Talliere figured she would crank up the tunes and let loose a bit.

Dancing to Zay Hilfiger’s “TZ Anthem”, the hitter for the volleyball team didn’t realize she was being recorded. What’s more, once she did realize it, she figured she would only put up the video for a few minutes so her friends could see it.

“Then, my friend put it on Twitter, and it got 10,000 retweets in an hour. So, it’s blowing up,” said Talliere on Tuesday. That number has since increased by the hundreds of thousands.

The video has been retweeted more than 250,000 times, and has more than 17 million views on Facebook. “I honestly was amazed,” said Talliere, whose video has been picked up by a number of publications, including Daily Mail and Teen Vogue.

“Just shocked. I was surprised,” said her head coach, Andrew Peters. “I wrote her mom, ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this has that many views.’ And at that time, I think (it was) maybe a million views, which I thought was astonishing, Now, it’s out of this world.”

Talliere’s Twitter following jumped to more than 39,000 followers, and the senior hitter became quite the hit on campus.

“I mean it was crazy,” said Micah Blackwell, who plays for the boys’ basketball team. “I went on Instagram, and it was so many followers and views, and it was just crazy.”

To her teammates, she’s the same Hannah they’ve always known her to be. “Since the first day Hannah walked in the gym, we knew she could dance,” said Granby student Marie Centrone. “She just brings so much energy, and we just love her dancing.”

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