Counting Kindness-Grandy Primary School


CAMDEN CO, NC – (WAVY) – September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and this week’s Counting Kindness is highlighting Grandy Primary School in Camden County. The reason? The outpouring of support, love and encouragement shown to a second grader named Kaylee Rios. Kaylee is battling cancer.

The school’s staff and students have wrapped their arms around her since the beginning of her fight against this disease. So far this year, the superintendent has shaved his head to honor Kaylee. Her teacher invited Kaylee’s classmates to bring in hats to use as thinking caps to make her feel more included.

Kaylee often wears a hat to cover her head since chemo caused her to lose her hair. Also, Kaylee has a stand in, Rosie, a stuffed monkey that serves as a place holder for her when she cannot make it to school. She sits at Kaylee’s desk, goes out to recess, out to fire drills and goes everywhere Kaylee would go on a normal school day.

Grandy Primary and the surrounding community regularly raises money for research in the fight against childhood cancers. The culture of acceptance and support that has been created in Camden County allows the Rios family to feel safe and loved.

If you would like to follow Kaylee’s journey, “like” the Facebook page Cure for Kaylee Rios

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