Third anti-bullying and violence forum held in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – An anti-bullying, gang and gun violence forum was held in Norfolk Saturday; it’s the third one this summer.

Norfolk city employees including the sheriff’s office, police department and the commonwealth’s attorney’s office are working together to give kids a fighting chance against bullying and violence. The forum was held at the Titustown Community Center.

Parents and children got a chance to learn how to prevent these actions and what to do if they’re ever caught in these situations. Organizers of the event say that by working together, their message can be more impactful

“Bullying, gun violence, gangs… these are problems everywhere. We might not have a problem as much as other areas, but it’s always important to let our youth know we’re here for them and what they can do when they’re put in those situations.” said Sgt. Meyrah Breeden of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.

The group says its next event will be held sometime during spring break.

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