Virginia Buzzkill campaign: Stop underage drinking on college campuses

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Each year, more than 1,800 college students die from unintentional alcohol-related injuries.

In Hampton Roads, college campuses are working to lower that number and start a dialogue with a new campaign ahead of classes. The newly launched campaign is called: Virginia Buzzkill Campaign.

Norfolk State University Police, along with Christopher Newport University, Hampton University and Tidewater Community College are standing together to stop a common problem: underage drinking.

Dana G. Schrad, executive director of the Virginia Associations of Chiefs of Police, presented at Norfolk State University to kick-off the campaign.

“We want you all to have safe, productive college careers and we do not want alcohol to become risk factors that could wreck your degree,” said Schard.

To do that, they’ve started the Buzzkill Campaign, bringing awareness by using social media posts, bus signage and radio spots. The hashtag for the campus initiative is #PARTYSAFEVA.

Chief of Police at Norfolk State University, Tony Convington, says there are serious consequences when it comes to underage drinking.

“The problem is you kick off football season and you have kids tailgating and so forth, so you want to make sure they have the information to not get them in trouble,” said Covington. “This campaign is to bring awareness to our youth, our future leader.”

Dominique Garcia now works at NSU but just a few years ago she was an incoming freshman herself.

“Yes, watch out for you friends but most of all watch out for your friends because one wrong move – it’s a game of chess and it could knock you out immediately,” said Garcia.

If caught you could face suspension or expulsion. Additionally, you could lose a scholarship, financial aid or face court fines and or penalties.

This campaign is starting here in Hampton Roads but they are hoping to build it across the state and even to other states.

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