‘White Lives Matter’ added to list of hate groups

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Southern Poverty Law Center, the watchdog group known for tracking hate groups, is adding “White Lives Matter” to the list.

The group says the phrase is frequently used by white supremacist as a counter-slogan to “Black Live Matter”.

SPLC reps contend the movement has now been organized into a separate white nationalist group, headquartered in Tennessee.

Black Lives Matter is not on the list, because the SPLC says the leaders and founders of that movement have done “nothing at all to suggest that the bulk of the demonstrators hold supremacist or black separatist views.”

SPLC currently lists close to 900 active hate groups in the nation.

KXAN has chronicled their work before, when white supremacist fliers showed up on doorsteps in Central Texas.

Visit their interactive map showing hate groups around the country here.

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