Elbow Road now open to traffic

CHESAPEAKE, VA. (WAVY) — A major road project in Chesapeake ended Thursday. Elbow Road is now open to traffic.

The City tweeted the news about the opening at 3:30 p.m. Friday.

Elbow Road was expected to be open to traffic Thursday, but there was a delay.

More than 60 years and an unfathomable number of cars have passed in front of Bobby Harrison on Elbow Road, a road he says he doesn’t recognize these days.

“Nobody came down this road and just a few people lived around here,” he said. “My kids played in the road.”

When asked if he would let his children play in it today, Harrison just laughed.

“Not unless you got a death wish.”

The City of Chesapeake estimates when the road reopens, around 12,000 cars will pass Harrison each day.

“In the morning and the evenings, traffic is terrible and so are the wrecks,” he said.

The wrecks were one of the reasons why the road widening and curve realignment project was so important to the city.

Earl Sorey with Chesapeake Public Works said Thursday marks the end of the road construction.

“There is still some work going on at the western end of the project,” Sorey said. “We are happy to say that the project is done and the road will re-open by 5 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

From his view, Harrison thinks parts of the project turned out well.

“It’s a much safer curve now then it was when they started, the city did a good job,” he said.

However, he said there are still long stretches of Elbow Road without a shoulder. Harrison believes that still poses a danger.

“Basically, this project improved the curved areas,” Sorey said. “A subsequent phase would improve the straight away in between those curves.”

Sorey said his department will ask the city for more funds in the future.

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