NWS preliminary report rates Indiana tornado as EF-3

Photo Credit: WDTN

KOKOMO, Ind. (WDTN) — Indiana State Police spokesman Capt. David Bursten says there were no serious injuries related to Wednesday’s tornado outbreak across central Indiana.

About a dozen people were injured, with most of those coming in Howard County. That included one resident who was trapped in a home by one of the storms that struck Wednesday.

Bursten says those injured included a 5-month-old child who suffered a laceration in Montgomery County. He attributes the relatively small number of injuries reported by 8 p.m. to residents’ taking the approaching storms seriously.

Shelters open for victims after multiple tornadoes touch down in Indiana

“We were very, very fortunate, and you have to credit the advance warnings and people heeding those warnings,” he said.

The National Weather Service is giving the tornado that touched down in Kokomo Wednesday afternoon an early rating of EF-3.

Parts of the city are almost unrecognizable as people who live there survey the damage left behind after the powerful tornado.

Some are describing the devastation like a war zone. While some houses and buildings are still standing, others right next door were flattened or severely damaged.

Debris and rubble were scattered throughout much of the city with the department of public works working to pick up downed trees and restore traffic lights.

“I was sitting in my room watching TV and my Mom said, ‘Josh come here, there’s stuff flying through the air. We should get in the hallway.’ I looked out the window and seen a funnel cloud coming, so we went and got in the hallway and took cover… and the ceiling fell on us and it was over,” described resident Josh Brown. “It’s ruined… ’cause there ain’t no fixing it. The whole roof’s gone. There’s a tree in the kitchen. The coffee table where my Mom was laying at is cut in half.”

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