‘It Can Wait’ simulator reveals dangers of distracted driving

Photo Credit: WKBN

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign came to the Salem Regional Medical Center on Wednesday to stress the dangers of distracted driving.

The campaign encourages drivers to focus on the road and arrive at their destination safely.

It comes at a critical time, as texting and driving cases jump this time of year because students are going back to school.

According to the Liberty Mutual Insurance Research Institute for Safety, two out of every three teens admit to texting and driving.

Congressman Bill Johnson says it seems like much more than that, though.

“You drive up and down the highway, you see people doing some crazy things. Searching Facebook, doing internet searches, video conferencing, texting, you name it. Anything that that mobile device can do, they are doing it while in their car and behind the wheel.”

The congressman also mentioned that he’s concerned because his teenage son will be driving soon, and today’s technology is more of a distraction than ever.

“He’s got some important lessons to learn. The most important thing I can do is set a good example and not text when I drive,” Johnson said.

People attending the event also signed a banner, joining the already 10 million people who have taken the pledge to not text and drive.

Both Anita Hackstedde, the president of Salem Regional Medical Center, and Johnson took the pledge Wednesday.

Not only did he speak out against texting and driving, but Johnson also got behind the wheel of AT&Ts texting and driving simulator.

During the simulation, the driver is supposed to travel down a busy city road while sending and receiving texts.

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