Fear in Ghent after string of home break-ins

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Neighbors in Ghent say they’re concerned for their safety after a string of burglaries in recent weeks.

Homeowners took their concerns to Norfolk Police Thursday night at a community watch meeting. At least eight reported incidents were brought to the officers’ attention.

“I have children. I am terrified,” says Eve Goldberg, who lives on Llewellyn Avenue. “It doesn’t matter if we lock our doors and windows; it seems these people don’t care.”

According to police, the burglaries started happening in early July. Online records show the incidents have happened on West Princess Anne Road, Westover Avenue, Brandon Avenue and Llewelyn Avenue.

“One of the homes has a baby swing in the front yard. They don’t care. They broke in through a second floor window. How did they do that? They are finding ways,” says Goldberg.

She says her neighbor on Pender Court got hit by the burglars twice last week. At the community meeting, homeowners said they were inside sleeping at the time of the burglaries. Other similar incidents have been reported.

Police say the suspects are committing the crimes in the early morning hours, between 4 – 5 a.m.

Cars are also being targeted, but police say 90 percent of the victims left their car doors open.

“On cameras we caught somebody going up, checking every car door on one side of the street and then going back on the other side of the street, checking every car door,” says Goldberg.

Officers remind neighbors to lock up and remove valuable from their cars. Also to keep their homes well-lit and to install security alarms and cameras for protection.

“Life is hard enough as it is,” says Adam Goldberg. “If you have someone coming around here making it more difficult, it’s more annoyance than anything else.”

No one has been arrested for the break-ins and police have only released vague suspect information about a young male committing the crimes.

Police are asking neighbors to call them if they spot any suspicious behavior.

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