Swimming advisories lifted for Oceanfront waters

WAVY/Rico Bush

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Swimming advisories for waters between 14 blocks at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront were lifted Thursday morning.

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health on Wednesday issued advisories for the Oceanfront between 8th Street and 22nd Street.

The advisories came amidst the 54th Annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championship.

According to the ECSC website, the advisory, “Does not affect the safety of our surfers or our Schedule of Events.”

Recent testing of the waters show bacteria levels exceed state standards, according to health officials. Experts say the bacteria detected would not make you sick, but its presence can indicate that risky germs are nearby.

Officials on Thursday said the bacteria had returned to “an acceptable level” and that the waters are safe to swim in for visitors and residents.

Signs were posted on the beach between 8th Street and 22nd Street to alert the public of the swimming and wading advisory. The signs have since been removed.

“We were swimming and then we heard (the lifeguard) whistle and he motioned for everybody to get out,” says Marilyn Newton, who wasn’t phased by the advisory and moved outside of the perimeter on Wednesday.

Others were bothered by the advisory.

“It really sucks, I took a week off work for vacation,” says Jordan Adams.

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