Police investigate tip on soccer field vandalism

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Vandals tore up the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex in the tune of at least $30,000 dollars worth of damage.

Following 10 On Your Side’s report on Tuesday, a tip came in that led Virginia Beach police to the identification of four juveniles seen on surveillance video thought to be responsible.

The video showing a juvenile taking a tractor and slamming through a fence has hit it big on social media. 50,000 hits alone on the WAVY Facebook page.

There are a lot of comments from viewers outraged by the vandals’ actions.

The video shows one of those males wearing a mask, slipping through the fence, putting the mask back on, then a short time later gets in a tractor, then plows through the fence. The tractor and a stolen dump truck were left on the soccer fields. It is also possible that some type of liquid was put in the fuel tanks and tanks of two lawnmowers that damaged the equipment.

It appears after dumping the vehicles, the juveniles ran through woods that are next to the soccer fields. 10 On Your Side went through the woods, and there’s only one yard that doesn’t have a fence. That yard belongs to Brendan O’Neill who realizes it’s possible the juveniles used his yard as an escape route,

“There are a lot of kids that will come back through here in the neighborhood. It is known we don’t have a fence to stop people from coming in and out, and we don’t usually say anything to kids who are cutting through,” O’Neill says.

Hampton Roads Soccer Complex Operators first contacted us about the vandalism. The investigation has moved at a fast pace following the tip. So operators don’t want to comment now. Police won’t comment either except to say the WAVY tip led to the identification of the juveniles.

That’s also how O’Neill found out about the incident.

“I thought it was actually very bold. I have never seen somebody take a tractor and go that far to vandalize. To see that was very insane to me,” says O’Neil

Police continue to investigate what is being called a sensitive story, this in part because the people in the video are so young.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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