Fairview Park residents hope for street upgrades

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Trash littered along Alabama Avenue is an upsetting sight to residents.

Joseph Lee is one of those who says he has grown used to it, but is not happy about the trash.

“This is outrageous to tell you the truth,” Lee says.

Lee says he picks up trash most days in his Fairview Park community. He’s trying to do his part to make it look better.

“It makes it look trashy. It’s not a good environment for a neighborhood to live in,” says Lee.

Lee’s neighbor, Jose Gonzales, says most of the litter is from outsiders.

“We have to pick up stuff we know is not ours. It’s all over the place,” Gonzales says.

While trash is something Lee and Gonzalez say they can easily handle, it’s the lack of other necessities they hope the community can get.

“We don’t have sidewalks. We don’t have curbs. We don’t have gutters. Nothing,” Lee says.

The few potholes on the street are dangerous and need repaving, according to neighbors

“Paving isn’t too bad. There’s cracks all over the place. We were walking, my youngest almost tripped and fell because it’s lopsided,” Gonzales says.

Both men say they feel like their neighborhood is forgotten and plan on doing something to get change. Gonzales says he plans on speaking up at the next city council meeting. Lee says he’s starting a petition to remind others that their community matters.

“We think more needs to be done to not be forgotten, the city needs to come out,” Lee says.

10 On Your Side reached out to the City of Portsmouth. The city says workers have been out several times for Mr. Lee’s request and they encourage him to remain in communication with the city.

In addition, the city says staff will follow up with Mr. Lee.

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