Vandals tear up Hampton Roads Soccer Complex

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Vandals tore up the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex in the tune of at least $30,000 dollars worth of damage.

The complex is located behind Landstown Middle and High Schools. The land is owned by the city, but private operators are on the hook for the repairs.

Police now have a head start on finding those responsible for the incident that happened in July with surveillance video.

The video shows four juveniles approaching the maintenance yard at the complex. One of the guys is wearing a mask, he slips it off, slips through the fence, then puts it back on. He’s then looking around, finds a tractor that he fires up and then takes it right through the fence.

“This cost $10,000 dollars alone,” says Hampton Roads Soccer Complex Operator Gina Koehler.

Two days before the incident, there are pictures of dug out soccer fields, six of 24 are damaged. Police think it’s possible the same four may be involved in stealing a dump truck then slamming it through a fence, ripping up the fields.

“I do feel violated. You feel responsible to your community to solve this crime, to repair your property, to make it intended to be what it is for the athletes and the families around here,” Koehler says.

Sadly there’s more, on July 13, it was discovered the same kids may have poured some type of gooey “jello” type substance in the fuel tanks of two lawnmowers, and the tractor that came through the fence.

“It was really bad, a few days later after the July 9, incident we noticed the engines on our mowers and our tractor were not working properly,” says Koehler, the damage in that incident costs about $10,000.

“It is shocking to me that they did this in broad daylight, absolutely bold. It is bold and it is shocking, and we are hoping there were witnesses that will come forward,” Koehler says.

In 2015, around 557,398 people visited the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex. On the days in question where were no official activities going on, but the folks out at the complex hope witnesses may have seen something.

What is known about the four on the surveillance video, is that they got off the equipment and ran into some woods that lead to a nearby neighborhood. Maybe the answer is there.

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